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Soft Fish specialises in creating dynamic, solutions-driven real estate websites. The innovative Australian company has developed a flexible website package incorporating tools, features and functions that offer significant advantages to a wide range of businesses across the multi-faceted real estate industry. The real estate website package concept developed by Soft Fish offers clients significant benefits in three key areas:-
1. Client certainty: The Soft Fish real estate package is an immediately available, purpose-built application incorporating functions and features that can be clearly and comprehensively demonstrated to clients at the outset. This means that clients know exactly what they will be getting up front and can be certain from day one that a Soft Fish real estate website will meet their specific requirements.
2. Time: Soft Fish has the ability to create attractive, highly functional real estate websites within an incredibly short turn around time - literally from within days to weeks, depending on the degree of complexity required by the client. This is because Soft Fish has already has invested a substantial amount of time in the development work required to produce websites incorporating innovative features specifically tailored to the real estate industry.
3. Cost: As the specific tools, features and functions that Soft Fish has developed benefit a wide spectrum of real estate businesses, the associated development costs can be spread over an extensive customer base. Therefore the cost of a Soft Fish real estate website includes only a minimal amount per client attributable to the development of the innovative selling tools incorporated into its construction. Potential clients might well be surprised to learn how cost effective a Soft Fish real estate website is.
The Flexible Soft Fish Package: The Soft Fish real estate package offers significant benefits in terms of client certainty as well as savings in time and costs. But it's also important to note that the real estate package developed by Soft Fish is not a 'one size fits all' solution. The package allows for a high degree of flexibility, so that websites can be individually designed to reflect the character and image of every client's real estate business. Examples of ways in which this can be achieved include:-
a) Themes: Soft Fish offers four alternative highly professional website theme options. These options enable clients the ability to select an overall website image to suit the specific nature and characteristics of their business.
b) Colours: Soft Fish offers a full spectrum of colour options, so that the look and feel of each website can be tailored to match the colour schemes associated with clients' logos, trademarks and overall businesses image.
c) Layouts: Soft Fish offers the ability to tailor the layout of each website according to clients preferences, in particular with regard to the positioning and emphasis of integral features such as property images, descriptions and maps.
d) Fields: Soft Fish offers clients the choice of an infinite number of fields for incorporation into their websites. Standard fields provide details regarding property features such as number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, number of car parking spaces, land area, etc. Soft Fish clients have the ability to choose any additional fields that are specifically relevant to their business. Clients can even add (or delete) these fields themselves, at any time.
The Soft Fish real estate package offers a new standard in functionality, flexibility and ease of use. For more details about the advantages Soft Fish can offer your business please phone
1300 886 456
Banner photograph by Karol Miles