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Presentation Sells Properties

Same with websites - your website

We're Soft Fish and we build Real Estate websites. 
Yes they're out of the box which means they work now, but they're also flexible.  There are hundreds of presentation options.  So you can have a new real estate website - now, that works...now, but can easily be configured to reflect your business, your personality.

Property presentation you know is vital

Why not your own online property?
Your shopfront reflects the personality of your real estate business.
Your website is your online shopfront and likewise should reflect the personality of your business.
If you don't have a website, do it now.  If you have got a website, now's the time to change.

Soft Fish.  Start with dozens of combinations of colours , fonts and formats in our four standard themes, you now have the perfect choice.
But theme choice is only one of the many value added features of Soft Fish Real Estate Websites. 
Have a look at our features,  test drive it then give us a call on 1300 886 456. 
We'd love to hear from you.

Soft Fish
Website presentation themes

A spectrum of choice

Choose Your Online Shopfront
Its simple these are the steps:-
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Feature richness offers more functionality to customers
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Showing the actual software using one of our many themes
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